At Set for Life, we create Clients for Life.  Over the years, we help our clients as their needs change and they grow.

I have worked with Set for Life Insurance since my first day of  residency (~15 years ago!). She looks at me as a mother and as a physician.  I have always felt secure in the knowledge that Set for Life is and has been looking out for my best interest and the well-being of my family!Dr. Sonja O., Physician, Denver, CO
I never considered working with an advisor who I couldn’t meet with in person… but the world has changed… I found Set for Life Insurance on the web years ago and realized quickly that I found who I was looking for . . . a down-to-earth, easily accessible, very knowledgeable and non-pushy advisor to help sort out the complicated financial worlds of insurance. . . I highly recommend Set for Life!Dr. Bruce A., Psychiatrist, Pasadena, CA
I found Set for Life Insurance online and was immediately impressed with their prompt reply to my inquires and detailed response regarding my insurance needs.  I thoroughly enjoy working with Set for Life as they not only provide a personal service, but a very professional and complete service. I am very satisfied with their company and plan on utilizing their services for many years to come. Justin P., Business Owner, San Diego, CA
Set for Life Insurance exceeded my expectations. They took the time to get to know me and understand my needs. They provided excellent service and communicated well throughout the initial process and over the years.Dr. Alexander W., Anesthesiologist, New Haven, CT
When I was looking to add additional protection for my family in the event of an injury that would prevent me from working, Set For Life Insurance’s vast understanding of disability insurance policies was invaluable. Working with them has enabled me to have insure my family and I are well protected.Darren K., Manager, Manahawkin, NJ
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I have worked with Set For Life Insurance for over a decade. The professionalism, personal attention and product quality is second to none.Dr. Gary P., Endodontist, Englewood, CO
Set For Life Insurance really takes the time to get to know the client and his/her needs.  Service is very individualized and personable, and ultimately exactly what I needed.  I felt very well taken care of, and will definitely return in the future when I have more needs.Dr. Arianna W. Gastroenterologist, Denver, CO
Set For Life Insurance has been great to me in getting my specialty specific disability insurance plan set up as well as helping it function to my benefit.  I was involved in a major car accident last year which almost took my life as well as almost ruined my career as an orthopaedic surgeon.  Thank you, Set For Life, for all you have done.Dr. Jason R., Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon, Denver, CO
Set For Life Insurance sets themselves apart by their attention to detail, objectivity, responsiveness, and outstanding customer service.Ricardo S., CEO, Miami, FL
I realized after contacting Set for Life Insurance, I did not need to shop elsewhere.  They did all of the legwork and simplified the process for me. Thank you, Set For Life!Dr. Vu T., Cardiologist, Washington, DC
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I did a lot of research and found Set For Life’s experience, profound knowledge and expertise to be a head above the competition.Dr. Rajesh B., Neurosurgeon,Boston, MA
Set For Life Insurance has been very helpful to my partner and I over the years.  They clearly have our best interest in mind when recommending companies and policies. They were sensitive to our unique situation.Kris R., Certified Public Accountant, Dallas, TX
I had a great experience working with Set for Life Insurance.  As a person without a financial background, I had several questions about disability insurance.  Set for Life provided me with the guidance I needed to make a knowledgeable decision.  As a medical resident, I received an additional discount, which made the package very affordable.  The entire process was easy and enjoyable.Dr. Heather W., Pediatrician, Minneapolis, MN
Set For Life Insurance’s professionals and staff are so capable and easy to work with.  They truly set themselves apart!Joshua W., Investment Banker, New York, NY
I had initially consulted an agent of a company and they only showed me their company’s product. After contacting Set For Life Insurance and seeing all of the options available, I realized that the agent at the initial company did not have my best interest at heart. Thank you, Set For Life, for objectively showing us several choices from multiple companies and looking out for our needs first.Dr. Li X, Vascular Surgeon, New Orleans, LA
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Set for Life Insurance has been helping our family with an array of financial needs for 13 years. Back when we were starving students and starting a family, they helped us understand and outline goals for income protection, savings, college planning, and life insurance. Even though we could not afford to do it all at once, they helped us make a plan. Today, as our children are growing older and I am part of a thriving medical practice, Set for Life continues to help us with our goals. They are not only experts in their field, but they feel like friends, too.Dr. Willow M., Pediatrician, Anchorage, AK
When I left my large company, I lost most of my employee benefits. Thanks to Set For Life Insurance, I now have my own life and disability insurance that I can take with me throughout my career. They were instrumental in helping me determine what was most suitable for my needs. I look forward to working with Set for Life Insurance for the long term.Joseph L., Consultant, New York, NY
As parents of three young children, we knew that life and disability insurance was of the utmost importance.  After shopping around, we found that Set for Life Insurance had the best prices and products.  We also found that Set for Life provided an unprecedented level of support and knowledge to help sort through our needs and various coverage.  Not only did Set for Life make sure we got the right coverage at a great rate, but they provide ongoing support to ensure that our family is adequately protected as our lives change.  It’s this peace of mind which makes Set for Life stand out.Andrew K., Attorney, Greenwood Village, CO
Jamie Fleischner and her team at Set for Life Insurance make every effort to ensure your goals are well understood and provide information for you to consider on best next steps for your future.  The entire team is professional, knowledgeable and committed to providing tools that aide in the decision making process.Rae Ann Paden, Director, Albuquerque, NM
Set for Life Insurance helped choose the right disability insurance policy for own-occupation. They offered a good line of products and reasonable prices. I would recommend them to my fellow physicians and friends.Dr. Gregory L., Emergency Physician, Chicago, IL
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Set for Life Insurance has been my disability insurance resource for several years now. They have been tremendously helpful in demystifying the insurance world for me. They are always responsive, but what I appreciate most is their proactive anticipation of my needs. With Set for Life on my side, I’m confident that I’ll be able to provide for my family in the event of a disability.Stuart Gripman, Database Developer, El Cerrito, CA
I have yet to meet a disability insurance agency with their professionalism and pleasant attitude. They made my life easier and secure; never over insured or under insured. Jamie Fleischner and the Set for Life Insurance team provided the information and recommended the necessary options without over selling a product. I have recommended Set for Life Insurance to family members and friends.Dr. Ashraf Sedhom, Oral Surgeon, Aurora, CO
I have maintained insurance policies with Set for Life Insurance for over 15 years and have always found their products and service to be excellent.Dr. Dennis Hulm, Radiologist, Honolulu, HI
I fully recommend Jamie Fleischner and the staff of Set for Life Insurance.  I have health issues that made finding disability coverage very difficult.  Jamie put in the extra time and effort needed to find adequate, affordable disability insurance for me.Dr. Steve G., Anesthesiologist, Greenville, SC
Ever since completion of my medical residency, Set for Life Insurance has been a tremendous help and resource with my disability insurance needs. They are readily accessible and inform me on any updates as they happen.  I feel comfortable that I am getting excellent advice and accurate information.Dr. C. Mirshab, Anesthesiologist, Denver, CO
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My experience in purchasing private business insurance through Jamie Fleischner and her staff  at Set for Life Insurance was absolutely exceptional. Being inexperienced in this area, they were always patient in addressing all my questions and performed in an extremely professional manner. Jamie provided recommendations that were always in the best interest for me, her client. I would highly recommend buying your private insurance through Set for Life.Michael Fecht, Consultant, Flinstone, GA
As a young physician, I am new to the world of disability insurance. Set for Life has been very helpful every step of the way. I really feel like Set for Life Insurance helped me get the best policy to suit me and my family for now and many years to come.Dr. Susan B., Pediatrician, Anchorage, AK
Set for Life provided me with excellent individual care.  Not only did I receive significant discounts, they answered all of my questions and guided me to choose the policy right for my needs.Dr. Andrea W., Dermatologist, Donalsonville, GA
Thank you, Set for Life Insurance, for helping me obtain a disability policy at significantly reduced rates! I was able to double my coverage for less than I was paying before without your exclusive discounts. You and your staff were so courteous and helped make the process as seamless as possible. I have already told all of my CRNA friends about Set for Life!Charlotte Winslow, CRNA, San Antonio, TX
My fellow medical residents referred me to Set for Life and I am forever grateful. It was a relief to work with someone so honest and professional in such a low pressure environment.Dr. M. Khalil, Orthopedic Surgeon, St. Louis, MO
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Thank you so much for preparing the quote comparison for us so quickly.  I also appreciate learning a bit about you and your agency from your website.  It’s always nicer dealing with someone with good reviews and a personal touch then just a pushy salesman.  You offered expertise in an objective and honest way.  It’s good to know you are there if I need to call.Jim S., Chicago, IL
I wanted to extend my gratitude to Set for Life Insurance for their tremendous help. I had requested quotes from multiple websites and the process seemed overwhelming—until I finally contacted Set for Life. They took the complex process and simplified it for me. They listened to me and helped guide me to make the best decision for my situation. They communicated well throughout the entire process and were able to expedite the various life and disability insurance policies to correspond with the loan I was taking out to purchase my practice. They were an integral partner in helping my new business get off the ground. I will recommend them to anyone looking for the highest degree of professionalism.Dr. Sanjit M., Dentist, Atlanta, GA
As a graduating medical resident in orthopedic surgery, Set for Life Insurance understood my needs and situation. I worked with their President, Jamie Fleischner. She made the process so easy from start to finish and was so down to earth. I never felt pressured. I was able to buy from more than one company at discounted rates that I wouldn’t have had access to anywhere else. As a women, these discounts made such a huge difference for me. I would highly recommend Set for Life Insurance. They really “set” themselves apart from the competition—pun intended!Dr. Jennifer T., Orthopedic Surgeon, Dallas, TX
I heard about Set for Life Insurance through my fellow CRNAs. I am so grateful. Not only did Set for Life compare all of the top companies, they were able to offer discounts that made the premiums much more affordable. I would highly, highly recommend Set for Life Insurance to any CRNA!Maggie O’Grady, CRNA, Lehigh Valley, PA
I carried an individual disability policy with the AANA association p0licy. It wasn’t until I turned 40 and my rates skyrocketed. Thank goodness I found Set for Life Insurance. Not only did they shop around and find me the best coverage available to cover me as a CRNA, they put together a discount at my hospital that saved me tremendously.  With this locked in rate, I will pay significantly less over the next 20 years with my Set for Life plan than the AANA plan. I will gladly recommend Set for Life Insurance to anyone in the market for disability insurance.Maggie B., CRNA, St. Louis, MO
Thank you Set for Life for making this process as pain-less as possible.  After shopping around all over the internet, I’m so glad I finally found your firm. You made the process a pleasure and simple. Thank you for your professionalism and for exceeding my expectations.Jonathan W., CRNA, Louisville, KY
I would recommend Set for Life Insurance for any CRNA or professional looking for disability insurance. Even though I already had an existing policy,  I was able to double my coverage at half the cost of what I was paying previously because of Set for Life Insurance’s exclusive discounts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!Jayne M., CRNA, Durham, NC
I found Set for Life Insurance on the White Coat Investor website. I was immediately impressed with the level of professionalism and expertise. As a result of working with Set for Life, I was able to obtain a unisex discounted disability insurance policy before I graduated from my medical residency. This saved me tremendously. I would recommend Set for Life for any resident looking for disability insurance, especially women disability insurance.Dr. G. Chang, Surgical Medical Resident
Emory University, School of Medicine
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