Guardian announces physician disability insurance occupational class upgrades

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Guardian has announced upgrades on their occupational classes for their disability insurance. The higher the occupational class, the lower the premium.

Preferred Occupation Discount Announced for Medical Market 
     3M Surgeons (excluding Orthopedic and Oral Surgeons) & 4M Internal Medicine and Family Practice Physician Specialists 

Clients in these occupations will receive a 10% Preferred Occupation Discount.

These discounts will be available on Future Increase Option exercises if the insured is in an eligible occupation, regardless of whether or not the discount is on the originating policy. These discounts also can be combined with other discounts. Reference the state approval listing and DI Field Underwriting Guide for more information.  

Occupation Class Upgrades Announced for Medical Market: 4M to 5M 
      Internal Medicine Sub-Specialties (excluding Cardiology) & Neonatology

These occupations will be upgraded to Occupation Class 5M:
·        Endocrinologist
·        Geriatrician
·        Hematologist
·        Hospitalist
·        Neonatologist
·        Nephrologist
·        Oncologist
·        Pulmonologist
·        Rheumatologist

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