Set for Life Insurance Offers Disability Insurance Discounts at University of Utah

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Set for Life Insurance offers discounts to physicians, medical residents, fellows, medical students, dentists, dental residents, professors and employees at University of Utah.

These affilliations are eligible for discounts:

  • University of Utah Health Care
  • University of Utah Health Sciences
  • University of Utah School of Medicine
  • University of Utah Dental Education Program
  • University of Utah College of Health
  • University of Utah College of Nursing
  • University of Utah School of Pharmacy
  • University of Utah Medical Group
  • University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics

These discounts range from 15-55% depending on age, gender and occupation. Women see the largest discount as the rates are unisex. Since women typically pay 40% more premium for their disability insurance than their male counterparts, the unisex rates make the greatest difference.

The discounted policies provide a true own occupation, specialty specific definition of disability.

For a list of discounts available through Set for Life, click here.

For more information about disability insurance and disability insurance discounts, contact the Set for Life Insurance office today.