Disability Insurance Underwriting

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Tips to Making the Disability Insurance Underwriting Process Smooth

Disability insurance underwriting can be an intimidating process. But it doesn’t need to be. Here are some tips to help you with your individual disability insurance underwriting process:

1)      Be upfront with your agent or broker about your medical history. This will help prevent any surprises along the way. For instance, if you recently had a surgery or were recently diagnosed with a disease, the agent or broker may be able to accurately assess whether or not you should apply now or wait to submit your application.

2)      Work with an experienced broker. The experienced broker can help address any concerns and provide you with realistic expectations about the process.

3)      Have all of your financial documents ready. Waiting for a recent tax return or W-2 can delay the underwriting process.

4)      Don’t wait to conduct your phone interview. The phone interview dictates if the company needs to request additional medical records.

5)      If medical records are required, contact your doctor’s office to notify them. This may help put your records on the top of the pile.

6)      Complete your application accurately. If there is missing information, the company will still request this information which can delay the process.

7)      Work with a broker who has a good relationship with the company. Some companies will offer expedited underwriting to their best brokers and will give their clients priority.

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