Expanding Hospital Residency programs? New Wall Street Journal article explores pros and cons.

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At Set for Life Insurance, we specialize in helping medical residents around the country with their disability insurance needs. We thought this article would be of particular interest to medical residents.

Recently, medical schools have increased enrollment based on predictions of increased demand for physician services which are predicated on both demographic changes (the aging of the boomer generation), and the effects on demand caused by implementation of the Affordable Care Act (more patients with insurance).

But, there is a bottleneck in training new physicians; the limit on the number of available medical residencies.

The Wall Street Journal explores the issue of expanding residency programs in, “Should Hospital Residency Programs Expand to Produce More Doctors?”

This article discusses the issues of: delivery of care, “waste” in medical services, leveraging medical services with non-physician clinicians, and how the need for new physicians is determined.  The article approaches both sides of the debate about the need for new residency programs.

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