Insurance and September 11th

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I’m sure I’m no different than anyone else when I wake up on September 11th and remember that tragic day.

On September 11, 2001 I was in Salt Lake City, UT for a national insurance conference. I woke up early by myself in the hotel room to get ready for my breakfast meeting and turned on the TV right as the first plane hit the first tower. Just like everyone else, I was in shock. I stayed glued to the TV the next several hours before going down to the conference center.  They called an emergency meeting and there were thousands of us in the conference center sitting with people from every single state in the country. They played the National Anthem and people were distraught everywhere.

I remember looking over at the people from New York. Many of my fellow insurance colleagues had offices in the towers and had not yet heard the status. A lot of people had clients who perished in the building.

It was a horrific day that will be burned in all of our memories forever. At Set for Life Insurance, our thoughts are with all of the families who lost a loved one and the heroes who helped in this tragedy.