Reasons Medical Students and Residents Should Purchase Disability Insurance NOW!

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Reasons Medical Students and Residents Should Purchase Disability Insurance NOW!

1)      Discounts. If you are currently eligible for discounts at your current school/hospital, you can lock in your rate at a discounted price which can save you significantly over time. Set for Life Insurance has the largest portfolio of disability insurance dicounts in the country available to medical students, resident physicians and fellows. Women can take advantage of unisex rates on top of discounts which can save them up to 55% on their policies. Make sure your disocunts are permanent and apply to future increases.

2)      Occupational Class. If you are currently a student or are finishing a non-surgical specialty, you can lock in your rates now before you move on to a higher priced policy. For example, if you are currently in a residency program in a transitional year, pediatric or internal medicine program, you may be able to lock in your rates as a non surgical specialty, even if you later change to a surgical specialty. This can save you between 15-25%.

3)      Issue limits. As a resident or fellow, you are eligible to purchase up to $5000/month benefit regardless of income or group benefits in force. No financial documents are necessary. If you wait to purchase your policy after residency, your eligibility will depend on your income and group benefits in force. This may limit the amount of individual benefit you can qualify for.

For more information about disability insurance for medical students and medical resident physicians, contact Set for Life Insurance today!