Covid-19 Coronavirus–Does My Life Insurance and Disability Insurance Policy Cover Me?

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Does disability insurance cover coronavirus? If you’re applying for disability insurance, a global health crisis such as coronavirus can have consequences for your policy. But if you’re already covered, your policy will cover you the same as any other illness. You must satisfy your elimination period, typically 90 days and you must be unable to work due to a sickness …

2 Year Period of Incontestability–Life and Disability Insurance

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When you purchase a life or disability insurance policy, your policy will automatically have a clause called the period of incontestability. This clause causes a lot of confusion.  The clause states that if you have a claim in the first two years of the policy, the company has the right to rescind the contract. Does that mean you are not …

Jamie Fleischner Featured In Insurance Magazine

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Jamie Fleischner, President of Set for Life Insurance was recently featured in Insurance News Magazine. Congratulations! The article can be read here:

Can A Disability Insurance Broker Help Me with My Claim?

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Disability insurance claims Recently a potential client contacted me and asked me if I could help assist them in the future if they encountered a disability insurance claim. I explained to them how it worked. Brokers can listen to their clients and direct them to the company to initiate a claim. However, a broker is not actively involved in the claims …

What Happens When I Get Declined for Disability Insurance?

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Disability insurance can be the most difficult type of insurance to acquire. This is directly related to the fact that there is a 1 in 3 chance that people will be come disabled and can’t work at some point in their career. Furthermore, disability insurance policies require you go through the underwriting process once and not at a later time. …