Disability Insurance | When People Choose Not to Buy

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I just came back from a conference about disability insurance and learned a lot about trends happening in the industry. Like most conferences, there were a lot of ideas shared about selling disability insurance. But what ever happens to the clients who never bought a policy?

Yesterday I unfortunately found out what happened to a particular physician I spoke to several years ago. She came into my office when she had just finished her medical residency.  She was newly married and was busy just trying to keep all of the balls in the air.  We discussed life and disability insurance, but she said she needed some time to think about it.  After multiple follow ups, she decided she was no longer interested.

Fast forward a few years and 2 kids later, I received a notice on Facebook that a CaringBridge account was set up on this woman’s behalf. She was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and needed to leave her practice to spend her final months with her family. My heart sunk.  We had the discussion about what would happen in this circumstance and unfortunately she had the mindset that this would never happen to her. I truly hope at some point she made the decision to purchase a life and disability insurance policy.