Disability Insurance Discounts | Rush University Medical College

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Set for Life Insurance offers discounts on individual disability insurance to all who are affiliated with Rush University Medical Center. This includes Rush Oak Hospital, College of Health Sciences, College of Nursing and Rush Medical College.

These discounts are 20% off the non-discounted rate. Additionally, the rates are unisex. Unisex rates save women significantly as women pay on average 40 to 50% more on disability insurance than men.

To qualify for these discounts, applications must be submitted through Set for Life Insurance while employed by Rush. If you are a graduating medical resident or fellow, applications must be submitted prior to graduation.

Applications require medical underwriting including a phone interview and a paramedical exam  (blood and urine test).

Policies have the most favorable definition of disability covering you if you can’t work in your occupation even if you can work elsewhere. If you are a physician, the policy will pay if you can’t work in your medical specialty even if you can work in another specialty or occupation.

All employees, medical residents, fellows, students, faculty and executives are eligible for the discounts.

For more information about discounts at Rush, contact Set for Life Insurance today!