CRNA Disability Insurance in Georgia

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CRNA Disability Insurance In Georgia Set for Life Insurance is proud to offer discounts to CRNAs and CRNA students who are affiliated with the CRNA programs in Georgia. These discounts also apply to medical residents, dental students, dental residents, physicians and any employee affiliated with the discounted hospital. These include the following programs: Medical College of Georgia Mercer University School …


Disability Insurance Discounts for CRNA students and CRNAs at University of North Carolina and Carolinas Medical Center

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Set for Life Insurance offers special discounts for CRNAs and CRNA students who are affiliated with University of North Carolina. These affiliates include: ·         Carolinas Medical Center ·         University of North Carolina Chapel Hill UNC ·         University of North Carolina Charlotte UNCC ·         University of North Carolina Greensboro The discounts provide unisex rates as well as an employer sponsored discount. …