2013 New Year’s Resolutions May Save You Money on Your Life and Disability Insurance Premiums

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It’s a whole new year an time to think about the positive changes you will make in the coming year.  Perhaps at the top of your list is losing weight or quitting smoking.  Here is more incentive—it may also reduce your premium rates on your life and disability insurance. When you apply for life and disability insurance, your rates are …


How Your New Year’s Resolutions May Help You To Reduce Your Life and Disability Insurance Premiums in 2011

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Happy New Year! Topping the list of New Year’s Resolutions is typically weight loss and smoking cessation. In addition to the health benefits to these changes, they may help you save money on your life and disability insurance premiums, too. 1) Quit Smoking. Smokers pay approximately 30-40% more on their life and disability insurance premiums. If you currently have a …