Disability Insurance for Attorneys

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Set for Life Insurance specializes in helping professionals with their disability insurance, including attorneys. Law students in their final year of law school may purchase up to $2000/month benefit even if you are not yet employed. Attorneys in the first 2 years of practice may purchase up to $4000/month benefit regardless of income and without proof of income. As an …


Disability Insurance for Physiatrists

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As a physiatrist,   it is important to protect your future earnings.  When shopping for a disability policy, it is important to find a policy that will cover you if you are too sick or injured to work as a physiatrist.  This is referred to as own occupation or specialty specific definition of disability. Different companies have different titles for these definitions …


Disability Insurance Discounts Available at University of Maryland for Dental Students, Medical Residents and Fellows

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Set for Life Insurance, a nationally recognized disability insurance brokerage, offers special discounts on disability insurance for dental students, dental residents,  physicians, medical residents and fellows at University of Maryland. Disability insurance can be very expensive. The typical cost is around 1-3% of gross income for males and 2-4% for women, assuming the policy is purchased while you are healthy …