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Set For Life Insurance’s professionals and staff are so capable and easy to work with. They truly set themselves apart!Joshua W., Investment Banker, New York, NY.

Incredible Savings for Women

On average, women pay twice as much a men for their individual disability insurance. At Set for Life,  unisex rates are available negating this discrepancy and saving women significantly.

  • Client Experience

Since 1993, our low pressure approach coupled with sincere professionalism has resulted in a high level of client satisfaction.

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  • Objectivity

We shop around on your behalf to find the best products for you. Side by side comparisons help you compare your options.

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  • Discounts

Set for Life means Set for Less. Our clients have access to the largest portfolio of discounts and unisex rates available nationwide.

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Since 1993, Set for Life Insurance has established itself as the foremost client insurance brokerage in life, long term care and disability insurance in the country. Our client’s needs are our most important priority. We take the time to get to know each client individually, so we can customize an insurance policy that best meets their needs and budget.  As an independent brokerage, we represent most major insurance carriers and shop around to find the most suitable contract for our clients.  Our specialty is helping professionals including physicians, medical residents, dentists,CRNAs, veterinarians, consultants, business owners, pharmacists, executives and entrepreneurs. Our portfolio of disability insurance discounts is the most comprehensive in the nation. Women can save even more with Set for Life Insurance’s unisex rate portfolio.

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